Do Not Do These Things in a Date


After having regular chatting with a college boy for about one month, I decided to ask him out. But I was a little worried as I never saw him before. Actually, I didn’t know what did he like because I was in a curvy dating app in which people can not show their face. This BBW dating apps focuses on chatting from the heart. As I didn’t want to hook up with anyone, I took part in this app. It was my first time to see a online partner but actually, I didn’t have date before. I knew I should ask for some help. And I came to my best friend’s apartment. Victoria, my best female friend, had over five boyfriends in the past and I thought she must know what I should do in a date. And the following two tips are what we should not do if you are going to have a first hookup date with a stranger.

The first thing is that do not ask your partner to come to your house. The reason is simple- for security. I knew a girl who asked her partner to wait her in front of her house. At everything went well. But the very next day, she found that her house was stolen by theif and she called the police. According to the public monitor, she found it was her partner who did this. This news was real and it reminded us of not meeting stranger in front of our house which can be very dangerous. You can ask your hook up dating partner to wait you in a restaurant or a thether near your house but don’t let him know your home address. Choosing a public place can be the best choice.

The first thing is that do not show you are so busy with work. In other words, you should give him a comfortable feeling that he can meet you in most time. If you make him feel that you are busy, he will feel very insecure, and he will guess that the future will be unstable. My consin Janny had a blind date with a boy who was recommended by a familiar aunt. That aunt said thie boy was outstanding with high salary and good looking. In ths first date with this boy, Janny went early and she waited the boy for about thirty minutes. 

And he boy finally came. What was even worse is that, the boy’s phone ringed all the time. Every time Janny wanted to share something with this man, this man was busy calling back. In the end, the boy said he was sorry as he had much work to do and he asked my cousin for the next time. Janny said nothing and when she came back home, she deleted the contact information of this boy. I asked her the reason. She told me she thought she didn’t get respect from the blind dating boy so saing goodbye may be the best choice for both parties. Therefore, at least, you should leave enough time for the first date.

Hope the above two tips will be rememered by you.