Bustr is the No.1 BBW dating website


Bustr is an online BBW dating app for plus size singles from all over the world, catering to BBW singles their admirers who are looking for BBW hookup or a serious relationship. Bustr is ranked among the top BBW dating website aimed at linking or generating communication between curvy singles and their fans. This bbw hookup app is strictly for chubby singles and who love these people, while not proving room for people dislike them. This is to ensure that membership is only for plus size singles and their admirers.


Dating profile with physical appearance and lifestyle elements:members of Bustr must provide a profile showing some information about themselves. In the profile, users can include some interesting information about themselves. This is a good way to show one's hobbies and interests.

Various search types: users can search quickly, online, or advanced.

Favorite singles: these members can be saved in the list. At the same time, these members receive a message telling them that they are someone's favorite.

Think you'll click: when a member is interested in someone, they can let that person know. It's a great way to show interest and break the ice.

There are many ways to communicate: roses, favorites, or instant messages.

Excellent customer service: members can email the Bustr customer service team at any time. In addition, there is a very comprehensive FAQ section on the website that should answer most questions.

Safety and privacy: members' safety and privacy are the most important things for this curvy dating app. Bustr manually checks every user's profile when they join the app. In addition, anyone can stop any member from communicating with them. Bustr encourages users to report any suspicious members to their support staff.


Membership at Bustr is divided into three different categories providing different membership plans. While standard membership is free, you'll find that for $29.99, $74.99 and $129.99, you can get a premium membership for one, three, or six months. The membership fee is reasonable, because you can experience all the amazing features on this BBW tinder after you upgrade to it.


Bustr is a chubby dating app for wooplus singles looking for love and relationship. Bustr's interface is modern, user-friendly, chic and easy to use, which means the members doesn't have to be computer-savvy in order to use this BBW tinder. Through identity authentication and artificial authentication, Bustr network provides users with the most secure online fat dating environment, so that chubby single people feel assured about dating.

Keys to Make Casual Hookup Successful


Casual dating like friends with benefits and no strings attached is a popular way among adult friends finders and some tinder for couples. This is a busy and free world. Not every one is into traditional date like used to be. Some open minded friend finders are willing to explore new experiment. This is one of the reasons that casual hookup becomes such a trend.

It is not a difficult thing to find a hookup partner for casual hookup. You can go to your favorite bar or club to meet with some new nsa finders. Or go to a party for wild affair dating. Anyway, as long as you want an adult hook up, there is always a way to make it happen. Everyone can have a casual dating, but not every casual dating can be successful. Even though with thousands of free hook up apps and sites out there. Some adult friend finders just don't know how to handle it well. Maybe you are good at bed, it doesn't mean you are good in affair dating. How to have a successful adult hookup? Following these two tips as below.

Be yourself
For the most valuable casual dating advice, all you have to do is listen to your inner voice. If the first date is halfway through and you realize that things will not come to fruition, then tell your hookup partner in a nice way. If something tells you, the next time the lovely guy passes you by the office and talk to him, then go for it. If you feel you are ready to transition from a casual hookup relationship to a more exclusive relationship, let your hookup partner know.

If he doesn't think so, don't be content with what you deserve. If you have a tendency to be jealous, dependent, or insecure, then adult affair dating may not suitable for you. The same advice applies to your mission to find the real man. However, if you are looking for an opportunity to meet new friend finders and have fun with no strings attached, you may want to try pure hookup. There are millions of flirt fish in the sea. Why not cast a big net?

End it like an adult.
If you are no longer interested in someone, even if you are in casual hookup, you can do one of the following two things: stop hooking up with them, hope they walk away, or tell them when they say they want when you go out to have fun, you are just not interested anymore. Honesty is the best strategy, no matter for any kind of relationships. Considering that this is not a big deal, you can even reply to the invitation with a text message like: "I really enjoyed the time we hang out together, but I take it for granted and it is time to stop." Honesty is better than sneaky.

Really, in casual dating, almost anything will happen. Apart from politeness, there are few rules for casual hookup. If you can't take a relationship seriously now, this is definitely a good choice to have some adult fun with like-minded adult friend finders.

Things Can Make You More Popular in the Dating Apps


In recent years, I found that people around me have started to use some hook up apps. A friend of mine told me that he found his girlfriend on a famous hookup dating site and then he unloaded it. There are a lot of good hookup apps so I think it's good to find strangers and chat with them. If I could find my girlfriend, I think it would be better. 

After about a year's use of online chatting app, I still got some small experience of my own. I am a man so I think my experience may be helpful to some boys. I hope you can listen carefully. Let's talk about the usage of most dating apps. Generally, after you turn on the location, you swipe right if you like this girl and swoping lefe means you don't like this girl. And then you start chatting. Therefore, today I will seriously analyze what can be done and what can’t do in order to enhance our charm.

Firstly, the very important material is you photos. We all understand the importance of leaving a good first impression and in a dating app, photos will help us leave the first impression over other users. Therefore, we should try our best to find good photos. But I disagree man to use photoshop so that the person in the photo is totally different then real you. Indeed, some girls do this. This doen’t work for man. You should choose decent and clean photos. 

Currently, most users will choose a person with goodlooking in the hear photo. Few chatting apps care about the inner heart. On basis of this reason, you photo should be at least clear. Actually, this is not hard to realize as most review teams will delete the users’ profile with no clear faces. And what you should pay attention to is that you should avoid single or multiple selfie. 

Some people may have question about this tip. About the single selfie, this may make girls think that you may prefer to be alone, do not have many friends and you may have a character defect. In particular, we ordinary people, our selfie will make people feel that we have a kind of inexplicable self-confidence. Taking pictures with small animals is the best choice. One is to show that you love animals and love them. Second, it also shows that your life is not monotonous.

Secondly, the content about yourself, they should be concise. I really don't understand why some boys write more than 1000 words when introducing themselves. Can they show that they are knowledgeable and humorous? Not really. You'd better control the number of words within 300, which is a small introduction to yourself. It's better to show your humor. Of course, you can also directly express what kind of blood type, height and body type of girls you like. All in all, you should write this content in concise.

Hope the two tips will work for you so that you will be more polupar in the dating apps and find your lover in a short time.

Do Not Do These Things in a Date


After having regular chatting with a college boy for about one month, I decided to ask him out. But I was a little worried as I never saw him before. Actually, I didn’t know what did he like because I was in a curvy dating app in which people can not show their face. This BBW dating apps focuses on chatting from the heart. As I didn’t want to hook up with anyone, I took part in this app. It was my first time to see a online partner but actually, I didn’t have date before. I knew I should ask for some help. And I came to my best friend’s apartment. Victoria, my best female friend, had over five boyfriends in the past and I thought she must know what I should do in a date. And the following two tips are what we should not do if you are going to have a first hookup date with a stranger.

The first thing is that do not ask your partner to come to your house. The reason is simple- for security. I knew a girl who asked her partner to wait her in front of her house. At everything went well. But the very next day, she found that her house was stolen by theif and she called the police. According to the public monitor, she found it was her partner who did this. This news was real and it reminded us of not meeting stranger in front of our house which can be very dangerous. You can ask your hook up dating partner to wait you in a restaurant or a thether near your house but don’t let him know your home address. Choosing a public place can be the best choice.

The first thing is that do not show you are so busy with work. In other words, you should give him a comfortable feeling that he can meet you in most time. If you make him feel that you are busy, he will feel very insecure, and he will guess that the future will be unstable. My consin Janny had a blind date with a boy who was recommended by a familiar aunt. That aunt said thie boy was outstanding with high salary and good looking. In ths first date with this boy, Janny went early and she waited the boy for about thirty minutes. 

And he boy finally came. What was even worse is that, the boy’s phone ringed all the time. Every time Janny wanted to share something with this man, this man was busy calling back. In the end, the boy said he was sorry as he had much work to do and he asked my cousin for the next time. Janny said nothing and when she came back home, she deleted the contact information of this boy. I asked her the reason. She told me she thought she didn’t get respect from the blind dating boy so saing goodbye may be the best choice for both parties. Therefore, at least, you should leave enough time for the first date.

Hope the above two tips will be rememered by you.

The small things you could change on your dating profile to get more BBW women


When it comes to finding a BBW women online, everyone has a almost different opinion. To stand out and catch the eyes of your BBW women, it’s not easy among hundreds of thousands of other competitors on BBW dating sites. Not to mention that it doesn't take more than a quick glance for BBW women to decide whether they take an interest in you. To understand more about bbw online dating, we invited the leading relationship experts who’ve been working on the best bbw dating sites for decades to find out. 

Picture matters, but be realistic

Experts who work as relationship counselor for BBW women recommend to stop lying about pictures. In other words, be clear and honest about your age, weight, height, or any other points of insecurity when searching a compatible big and beautiful woman on bbw hookup websites. If you're unhappy with your current circumstances and feel insecure about it, and you want to lie about the true self in order to get a few matches on bbw dating sites, how could you expect that your potential big and beautiful women with curves will settle for less?

Be intentional with your word choice

According to the biggest curvy dating websites, it's important to be short and to the point in order to increase your success rate on chubby dating websites. Thus, with a good selction of word choice on your hookup dating profile on free bbw dating websites, it helps avoid being too boring and too playful, which help attracts the truly compatible big beautiful women. 

Thus, figure out your intention and the best strategy to find a compatible beautiful and plus-sized woman before writing a below-average dating profile. According to the research conducted by Dr. JOE on bbw dating sites, to get a decent amount of match on online plus size dating sites, every profile should have three things you want BBW women to find out about you, two things you wish to find in them, and one thing you have in common with the BBW women. 

Get into details about your interests and passions.

Without details, any kind of niche dating profile on chubby dating websites can be plain. Thus, even though you might not to want to reveal too much to strangers on bbw dating apps, get more specific when it comes to your interests and passions can give your potential bbw women a much better and clear image of how you are. 

"For example, when I first started to look for a bbw women on curvy dating websites, the first thing I did was to write about my passions, because I believe the things we have in common with big and beautiful women is what makes a relationship long lasting and healthy.” Says Mark who has found his BBW fiancĂ©e 5 years ago on fat dating sites.

If you are looking for more bbw dating tips, stay tuned on chubby dating websites.

Smile is the key to a one night hookup


If you are in a bar and night club googling this question, congratulations, you found the easiest and the most effective answer. Confidence and good mood is the foundation for a one night hookup. The best way to show them is to smile a lot. Smiling gives people an impression of confident, relaxed and easy-going impression.

If you are not a confident man, or you don’t have good techniques on hitting up with girls, you need to make yourself feel as much confident as possible. Keep a good mood, so that you can approach them without doubt and stress.

Some people would pretend to be cool and detached. If you are confident, it’s fine, because you will be hit up no matter what. However, if you are not very good at dealing with girls, showing an indifferent face won’t help you with any succeed.

When you walk into a bar or curvy dating club, smile and start t talk to some hookup ladies. You don’t necessarily need to find someone to BBW dating with in them. It is just for practice, so that when the real opportunity comes, you can take it. Besides, if you can nail it from the beginning, that is even better. If not, consider this as a preparation step.

Smile even at night. When girls see you are happy, they would be happy and it also give them an impression that you are approachable. Sometimes, you might even be hit up by girls, but if not, it can be much better than plain eye contact for the whole night.

If you are not happy, you should smile even more. Science shows that smiling can exert a positive impact on your mind, even if you are down. If you are already very confident and even better you are the master in dealing wit girls, you can go ahead and approach them. Make them laugh, then you are already on the way to succeed. But if you are not very good at social interaction in bars and night clubs, smiling can also be a useful technique for you to use for the whole night, instead of waking into a bar and question yourself “should I be here?” or “how do I look?” This is exactly what makes some people seem unapproachable in bars.

If you are not happy, you should smile even more. Science shows that smiling can exert a positive impact on your mind, even if you are down. If you are already very confident and even better you are the master in dealing wit girls, you can go ahead and approach them. Make them laugh, then you are already on the way to succeed. But if you are not very good at social interaction in bars and night clubs, smiling can also be a useful technique for you to use for the whole night, instead of waking into a bar and question yourself “should I be here?” or “how do I look?” This is exactly what makes some people seem unapproachable in bars.

Think about this: You walk into a bar and say “wow, this place is amazing.” Then walk to some ladies and smile “hey, what’s going on here? I just want to say hi, my name is Mike, how are you doing?” Very natural, right? 

Smile is the best way t make you feel better about yourself and make other people feel good about you. It helps you to enter the right mood and maintain that mood, instead of cracked down by people who don’t smile to you. You need to manage your emotion. Whether you are welcomed or not, you need to feel comfortable, instead of hoping other people to make you feel confortable.

5 alternative BBW dating services to online dating


More and more people are looking for love online, but some still prefer to meet face to face. Whether you love online for years or hate online love, there are alternatives to online love. As long as you have an open mind (and heart), you can be a successful dater without feeling the hookup app. Here's how:

Professional matchmaker

Once a luxury for the rich, professional matchmaking services have evolved with The Times, serving both men and women. The matchmaker's core job is to find the right match for the client. They do this by pairing clients with similar romantic desires, values, goals, religious backgrounds and curvy dating histories with others in the matchmaker group. Once the matchmaker has found the right match for their client, they arrange a meeting. Often, clients don't see pictures of each other on a first date. According to a survey by the matchmaking agency, only a third of professionals secretly photograph clients on their dates. Professional matchmakers are expensive, but you get far more than professional connections. Matchmakers often coach clients during the curvy dating process and provide feedback afterward.

Friend of a friend

No one knows you better than your friends, so ask them for help. Ask them to introduce you to a friend of theirs. They know who is single and they know the gossip. Let them browse your social media profile to see who's interested. They probably know at least one potential match. Everyone loves matchmaking and your friends want to help you. Having someone in your corner will definitely tip the scales in your favor.

Speed chubby dating

It may sound crazy and ineffective, but speed-dating events offer singles another way to meet potential dates for (slightly) longer dates. Speed BBW dating, as the name suggests, is a group of single people speed-dating in a rotating musical chair. Usually, the women sit still and the men move from table to table when the timer stops. Single people have a short period of time, usually a minute or two, to chat, introduce themselves and see if there is any connection. If so, both parties can exchange contact information and set up a normal second date. You'll meet more than 15 people at an event, which may be a good introduction, but it's usually just a meeting. At least, you don't have to worry about who's paying.

The right place

Go where single people go. It's creative. Sports bars are good for sports lovers among us. Concerts and galleries are great places for pop culture lovers. Timing and approach are key. Don't bother someone who is doing a strenuous workout, but maybe you can catch them at a smoothie bar on their way out. You can meet people anywhere. Read body language and say hello. Make your meetings more engaging.

Facebook's event

Do you know the emails that flood your inbox inviting you to do this or that? Answer "yes" to every question. You never know who you're going to meet. If you're not dating on chubby dating apps, you have to show up in more places. Parties and events are great places to meet new people because when your circle of friends feels like a dead end for potential dates, it forces you to be with new people. Any time you put yourself out there, you increase your chances of finding someone. So go out and mingle!

We live in an online world, but that doesn't mean your love life has to be that way. If you're looking for something new but want to date on BBW dating sites, go for it. Your true love is waiting.